Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Thoughts on Freeform Beading

I do love those lovely shiny tiny beads.  I also am a fan of things asymmetrical .

I started doing freeform work in crochet, but have also expanded into freeform beading.  I think it was only natural that this would happen.

Hope you enjoy looking at my work!

Thoughts on Freeform

Defining 'freeform' is a complicated task.  If just picking up a hook and going for it were to be considered as 'freeforming', then all designers would be doing freeform whenever they design and this isn't true.

Experimenting with different shapes and textures might be a candidate, but perhaps only if there is some sort of cohesion.  Sometimes when I experiment, I just join a new sample onto another one to avoid starting a new chain and this I would not consider doing freeform as there is no real goal in mind -- I am just playing with ideas

So just what is it?  It cannot be merely working without a pattern or joining existing motifs in a new way. Many call it 'scrumbling' and I do like this idea as freeform seems to consist of a variety of irregular motifs.  
Me, I like to think of freeform as an amorphous riot of colour and/or texture.  Yes, that works for me.