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Where to find my patterns

I  have been designing crochet and knitting patterns for several years.  I used to write up patterns for friends who wanted to replicate something I had made.  After a while and with some encouragement, I decided to see if my patterns would sell.  They did!  If you would like to see a collection of my patterns there are three places to look:  Ravelry, Etsy, and Lovecrafts.  There are a few free patterns too! Here are the links: First is my shop on Ravelry.  Please comment and/or favourite the patterns you like: Jude45 on Ravelry I also have my patterns on Etsy in my shop IrreplaceableYou: My Etsy shop IrreplaceableYou One last place to look is Lovecrafts: Lovecrafts I hope you enjoy my patterns!
     The 2012 theme for the International Fibrearts Show was Inspired!  Music and Art in Fiber.   My submission was inspired by 'Rhapsody in Blue' by Gershwin.    The music takes twists and turns, repeats motifs in different ways and alternates light and dark.  I tried to incorporate this in my freeform scarf.     To see the rest of the artists' submissions go to:
       I am trying to catch up a bit so here is my entry in the 2011 International Freeform Guild's Show. For this challenge I drew my inspiration from Neptune, the god of water and of the sea. My piece is worked in reeled silk the colour of the Mediterranean. Since I chose to work in only one colour I used the texture of many different stitches for a variety of effects. Sharks teeth, shells, fins, aquatic plants, and abandoned fishing nets are some of the motifs that you can find amidst the swirling waters. I love freeform work. It can be bold or subtle, colourful or monochromatic, but whatever it is, it is always interesting and always unique. To see the other amazing entries, go to:

Finally Released!

  Delicate Crochet has been released! I am so happy to share with you the photos by Daniel Shanken of all the wonderful designs in this book.  You will notice that there are many familiar designers who have contributed.   I simply cannot pick a favourite and I hope to make all of these designs and refresh my wardrobe. There is something for every crocheter in this book so it would make a wonderful Holiday gift for the crocheter in your life.!                                                            

My designs

I am finally able to show you my designs which will be in the book:   See it here! Here are 2 photos taken by Daniel Shanken

Pod Cast Bead Work --Kate McKinnon's Fabulous New Experiment

I have been following Kate McKinnon's work on and have made this little pod cast bead.  You can use this bead to start as many bracelets as you like and be sure of the fit. Use a temporary thread to add the first row. Then continue building with a new thread Unzip the bracelet from the pod cast bead after at least 6 rows Here you can see the bead and the bracelet separated Continue on and finish the way you want  Finished and ready to wear And now on to the next one...

Just what have I been doing?

Yes, I am still making things.  Here are a few I have made recently: I took a course in metalsmithing.  I learned to saw, anneal, solder, and file, file, file metal. The pendant is silver soldered onto copper that I heat treated to colourize.  There are two band rings, one silver and the other copper.  Also a Russian wedding ring in copper with three interlocking rings.  And a silver spinner ring.  I have to say that I don't like sawing at all and broke many blades to complete these, but I did enjoy everything else. Then I decided to do a little bead embroidery.  This cuff fastens with 2 magnetic clasps. After that I did some bead crochet.  This necklace uses 2 different sizes of beads randomly strung.  The clasp is 2 dragon heads.