Saturday, 12 March 2016

Continuing the Adventure: Creative Crochet Lace

My Almost Random Lace Scarf pattern has become very popular since the Crochetville Blog Tour much to my surprise and delight.  In the pattern, I have some suggestions for continuing to explore the possibilities of creating random lace.  But, I would be remiss if I did not also mention a book by a fellow Raveler, Myra Wood, which takes the technique on to great heights.

Creative Crochet Lace explores filet crochet, doodle lace, Irish crochet, and lace scrumbling from a new and fresh perspective.  The book will take you through the process of creating lace in each of these techniques.  There is also a fabulous gallery of artists' works at the end which is sure to inspire you!

My purpose in this is the same as it was for my creating the Almost Random Lace Scarf pattern, to encourage you to pursue this most relaxing and rewarding method of creating lace.

Monday, 7 March 2016


As part of the National Crochet Month Celebrations I have rejoined CGOA - The Crochet Guild of America.  Here is the Badge designed by Gwen Blakley Kinsler (a.k.a. Crochet Queen) for the Guild which she founded in 1993:

The Crochet Queen has always been supportive of crocheters as a group and of me as well.  Check out her Blog here:  Crochet Queen: Royal Ramblings

I was a featured blogger on her site a while back. The Queen was a very helpful and gentle editor and allowed the use of many great images from her book, The Fine Art of Crochet: Innovative Works From 20 Contemporary Artists   You can see the article here:   Alternative Materials: A Practical Guide

So thank you, Queenie, and thank you crochet for giving me a chance to explore my creativity and find a little peace along the way.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Crochetville 2016 Blog Tour -- The Crochet Express Stops Here!

Today the train stops here at my blog! I am offering you my Almost Random Lace Scarf pattern free on Ravelry from March 5, 2016 until March 13, 2016 with the code: 2016.  You don't need to be a member of Ravelry to get my pattern,  but it is truly a great community and I recommend that you join.  If you already have this pattern, send me a message and I will gift you one of my other patterns.

I designed this pattern to show that randomness isn't all that scary. This pattern is both written and charted and is designed so that anyone can crochet a ‘random’ lace scarf. The benefit is that I have done the math so that the edges are nice and even.  Along with the pattern for the scarf shown, I have included tips to help you delve further into randomness. This pattern also includes instructions for blocking as I think it helps bring out the beauty of any lace.

But wait! That isn't all. There are many more fun stops ahead. Not to mention prizes,give aways, and fantastic yarns and patterns to discover. 

For the Crochetville Blog:

This fantastic event continues for the entire month of March, so don't miss out!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Random Creations from the Past

I am feeling especially random today so I thought I would put up photos of some of my past creations.  Yes, good blogging for me is lots of pictures and a few words.  Here we go...

My first freeform piece made while touring Europe 1977-8.  I didn't know about freeform then, I called it doodling with yarn.  It is framed in an old window with a partial screen that I found in the basement of my house which is over 100 years old:

A wall quilt I made sometime around 2000:

 My four seasons of trees - a little exercise for myself in creative knitting and also the first pattern I ever wrote out.  The pattern is free here:

A nest with eggs I made by manipulating fabric:

A friend gave me a bag of old electronic parts and said "do something with this"  So I made some necklaces:

 This was for the Itsy Bitsy Bikini Challenge in the Freeformations group on Ravelry for the Ravelympics 2008 and, no, I haven't worn it yet...

Well, that's enough for now.  I will end with my Loon.  I am currently using it as my Ravatar so you might recognize it:

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Crochetville's Blog Tour has started!

This is the first day of the Crochetville Blog Tour for National Crochet Month.  Be sure to check each day to learn more about crochet designers, yarns, and for the daily give aways and prizes:

My date on the tour is March 5, so be sure to stop by and get the coupon code for my Almost Random Lace Scarf pattern which will be free on Ravelry with the code from March 5 to March 13.  Oh, and if you already have the pattern, send me a note and I will gift you another of my patterns - your choice.

I thought spring had sprung but now I am watching a snow storm outside my window.  Here are a few of my Irish Crochet samples to bring back the spirit of spring.

And now, back to hibernating....